Mounting a TV is a very difficult process to attempt alone. Unfortunately, most people find that when they try to mount their own TV, it usually ends up broken. At Tech 360, we’ll take care of your custom TV mounting for you. This way, you can mount your TV wherever you like, no matter the size or location. Basically, we’ll handle the hard, frustrating work ourselves. All you have to do is tell us where you want it.

No matter where you want your TV, our techs will mount it flawlessly. In addition, we have years of experience providing clients with creative mounting options they didn’t think were possible! Tech 360 will spare you the stress, headache and anger that comes with trying to mount your TV alone. If you can picture it, we can make it happen. As well as a flawless setup, we’ll give you a magnificent, ultra-modern display free from unsightly cables or wires.

Tech 360’s custom TV mounting services include:
  • Wall mount
  • Ceiling mount
  • Mantle mount
  • Pole mount
  • Rustic pole mount
  • Decorative pipe mount
  • Shelf mount
  • Frame TVs
  • Hidden IR