The safest and most reliable way to prevent unauthorized access to your home or business is with Tech 360’s access control services. At Tech 360, we offer a diverse range of access control services to protect your business or sensitive data. We provide the best technology as well as expert installation services. Whether you’re regulating personnel access or giving computers additional protection, Tech 360 is your one-stop solution.

At Tech 360, we provide both physical and logical access controls. Our physical access controls will prevent unauthorized access to offices, schools, buildings, campuses, etc. And Tech 360’s logical access controls will provide total protection for system files, computer networks and sensitive data. No matter which you may need, Tech 360 has got you covered.

Additionally, Tech 360 will collaborate with you from start to finish to ensure your needs are met. Combining industry-leading equipment with expert support staff, Tech 360 provides unbeatable security service you simply can’t find anywhere else. We’ll work with you to plan, configure and execute your access control system. Essentially, from installation to tech support, we’ll guarantee you’re getting the most out of your access controls.

Tech 360’s access control services include: 

  • Facial recognition
  • Card access
  • Key fobs
  • Keypads
  • Mobile apps
  • Managed systems