At Tech 360, we’re leading providers of state-of-the-art security camera systems for residential and commercial properties. Combining seamless installation with five-star equipment, Tech 360 is your one-stop solution for revolutionizing security in your home or office. With our diverse range of surveillance technology, we deliver a winning combination of the finest brands plus unbeatable tech support. No matter what your surveillance needs may be, at Tech 360 we’re more than prepared to fulfill them.

At Tech 360, we offer only industry-leading equipment. In addition, we collaborate with you throughout every step of the process. We’ll partner with you to plan, configure and operate your camera systems. Essentially, with Tech 360 you’ll get razor-sharp HD video quality plus flawless and stress-free installation. Additionally, we’ll continue to provide customer support whenever you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your cameras.

Tech 360’s expert tech support staff will review all of your surveillance needs to develop a custom plan for you and your facility. Also, we provide our clients with personal equipment recommendations and system integration to guarantee a smooth transition and total satisfaction.

Tech 360’s security camera system services include: 

  • Fever detection technology
  • IP cameras
  • 360-degree cameras
  • Elevator cameras
  • Analytics
  • Web-based
  • Facial recognition
  • Motion detection
  • Multi-site software
  • Mobile app
  • Cloud security systems
  • Wireless camera systems